Acribond Accessories

Acribond Prep Surface Cleaner.

    *  Excellent solvent for removing oil, grease and contaminants.
    *  Ideal for cleaning surfaces before applying adhesive tapes.    *  Easy to use, just spray on and wipe off.
    *  Helps to soften and remove adhesive residue.       *  Can help separate bonded substrates.
    *  Specially formulated blend of acetone, toluene and IPA.
    *  Use sparingly on painted surfaces and plastics.
    *  Observe safety regulations when using solvents.    *  Always test for suitabilty before use.


AP230 Abrasive Hand Pads.

    *  Ideal for removing heavy dirt, rust, scale, or oxidation, and can increase the surface area and improve adhesion.
    *  They are an ideal size for use by hand, and can be cut to smaller pieces if required.
    *  Made of a non woven nylon construction, the pads will not shed or rust like steel wool pads.
    *  The abrasive is hard wearing aluminium oxide, and graded very fine, between 180 and 240 grit.
    *  Available in maroon.


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