Acribond Tapes

ACRIBOND Acrylic Foam Tapes are manufactured to the highest standards, and used around
the world in many critical and demanding applications, including vehicle bodybuilding,
sign and display, sheetmetal and building and construction. There are many local applications
where ACRIBOND tapes have been used that highlight its ability to save time and money,
and help provide a stronger and more aesthetically pleasing result.
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ACRIBOND double sided tapes are compatible with a wide variety of substrates including metals, glass and most plastics. Many surfaces require little more than a cleansing wipe with a suitable cleaner such as AP350, however, some substrates and surfaces with contaminants require further preparation. Porous surfaces, (e.g. wood, plaster) need to be sealed to achieve a uniform platform for adhesion.
Most metal surfaces benefit greatly from a simple 3 step procedure, ‘Wipe - Scuff - Wipe’.
Firstly wipe the substrate with ACRIBOND PREP  Surface Cleaner to remove any surface contaminants or oils, then lightly abrade or scuff the surface with AP230M abrasive pads, then wipe away any filings or debris with ACRIBOND PREP  Surface Cleaner and a clean cloth. For more detailed instructions and applications, please visit

ACRIBOND Acrylic Foam Tapes are manufactured to the highest standards, and used around the world in many critical and demanding applications, several products have been tested in Australia by the CSIRO, test results are available on application. 


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